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Mutt Cuts by Nicole, LLC

"We brought a new puppy into the family over the Christmas holiday.  Maddie  was just 10 weeks old and delighted our grandchildren with her energy.  We always patronized Mutt Cuts by Nicole in the past, and with the new puppy we knew Nicole was the best choice for our groomer.  Nicole talked to her and held her just like a baby.  Maddie loved the attention and I loved that Nicole took that puppy time with her.    Thank you Nicole."


" Recently our family moved into the neighborhood from Florida.  Our new friends from church recommended Mutt Cuts by Nicole for our 4 year old poodle,  When I made the appointment Nicole made me feel comfortable with her grooming knowledge.  She quoted a price based on the information I gave her,but explained the price was based on temperament, style, and the condition of the coat.,  She would know better when she saw Sadie."  


"The salon was clean and didn't smell like wet dogs.  I liked that.  Nicole took some information about Sadie and what I expected from the grooming and I was on my way.  She told me that Sadie  would be ready in about 2 hours; but she would call me when Sadie was ready.  She did just that.  Sadie looked so cute.  She was wearing a Valentine's Day bandana.  What a cute idea!"


"Reese  has been to many groomers over the last few years.  I had come to believe that my dog just didn't like to be bathed nor groomed.  I never saw any indication that my dog misbehaved but I have been told repeatedly that Reese needed to be muzzled while being groomed, and that getting his nails clipped was next to impossible.  So I went Groomer shopping.  Finally, I found Nicole at Mutt Cuts.  She listened to my tales about Reese and told me she would groom Reese and let me know her opinion.  When I came to pick him up a few hours later, I was told that they had no trouble grooming him.  Nicole explained to me that sometimes dogs are nervous with groomings, and special techniques like patience, petting, talking softly, etc. make the pet relax.  Then grooming is a breeze.  What a relief.  "

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