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For your pets grooming, we offer a full line of professionally formulated shampoos and conditioners including but not limited to Whitening, Flea Bath, Oat Meal Bath, Sensitive Skin, Dematting, DeSkunk, Etc.


We know that using the correct shampoo and conditioner is very important.  Like people, some pets need specific products for their skin and hair care.  


All of the products used by Mutt Cuts by Nicole, LLC have been personally selected with the utmost care to ensure their quality and safety by Nicole.  After all, Nicole has used, tested and approved these products based on her own pets:

                                Dunny, Uluru, Melby, Boomer and Rudy.


If you want the groomers at  Mutt Cuts by Nicole, LLC to use a shampoo or conditioner that you prefer, just bring it to your appointment.  There will be no additional fee.


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Messi, a frisky Teddy Bear Dog owned by Davin.

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